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Mike Mangini anyone?

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Who says you can't play fast and hit hard? ;)

The finale of video 2 with the crossovers is outstanding.

Shame about the cheesy ending though...

Nobody, but I have seen plenty drummers who play fast and not hard.:up:

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namby pamby shite

As usual, metal wanky boring double kick drum patterns,go and see 16again if you like fast loud drumming. I never play solos I think they are wank.

That's www.16again.co.uk at The Tunnels Tues 21st Feb.

Dave Grohl is worth a look,his QOTSA press rolls on the snare and toms stuff is great fun and the Nirvana stuff still rocks.

Pete Defritas from Echo and the Bunnymen did amazing things and is one of the best I've seen.

The Ruts drummer Dave Ruffy is my favourite to listen to,far better than a this namby pamby double beater shennanigans.

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