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Clocker and Scuff


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Once upon a time there was a band called Scuff and a band called Clocker. Scuff gave Clocker their first ever gig (although actually it was their second) at the prestigious burnett arms in Kemnay. From that moment on the personnel from the two bands struck up a strong and lasting friendship, which saw them play often together in Aberdeen venues like the Malt Mill and the Pelican. But then it all started to go wrong. Clockers beauteous and buxom bassist (well call her Jessica) left the band and Clocker acquired the services of Scuffs Pogo who continued to play in both bands. But Clocker started playing bigger venues, like the Lemon tree where Scuff had struggled to become established. Consequently, Scuffs spokesman, Well call him Huey, grew jealous and bitter and he began to threaten Pogo with all sorts of ultimatums like: its us or them, and Its not fair, you said that you liked us better, and so forth. The final straw came in the summer of 99 when Clocker played at the mighty T in the Park. Despite the fact that Clocker had offered some of their free tickets and hospitality passes to Huey and friends so that they could come down and support their friends, Huey seemed to change during that weekend. At first the worried guys from Clocker thought it might just have been the dodgy acid that was consumed in abundance. But no, Huey had simply had enough. That was it. Things were never the same again. Pogo quit soon after and continued to play for Scuff, who by then had changed their name and style to something somewhat better. Clocker acquired the services of a new bass player, well call him Jason, and after a while of struggling away against the new hostility of the scene, they disbanded, forming a new and much improved band. However, some things didnt improve for the Clocker boys. Huey, taking full advantage of his proactive contribution to the Aberdeen scene through the delightful fudge ltd , continued to make life very difficult for them, joining forces with the estranged Pete, a sacked Clocker drummer who also had become bitter and untrustworthy, and subsequently using their otherwise fantastic fanzine as a vehicle to offend all things Clocker. After many sleepless nights and near breakdowns things came to a head in the toilets of Caf Drummond, of all places, one night during a gig featuring Clocker and organised by Huey. An unfortunately timed and probably slightly out of order dig from two of the Clocker faithful aimed at Huey was over heard in true Neighbours style by the man himself who had either been intentionally listening or was just taking a dump. Since then, the two parties have rarely spoken and the strong and lasting friendship, which had hitherto been the source of so many fun-filled nights, was no more.

The boys previously of Clocker have recently been heard reminiscing nostalgically about the fun that was once had and have often talked about how nice it would be for a truce to be called. They have reacted positively to being withdrawn from the notorious fudge ltd Blacklist and have occasionally been spotted in public speaking with huey. What will happen in the future, no one knows. but comradeship and friendship are hard to come by in the cut throat scene of the A'deen. Could a reunion be on the cards?.......

Does anyone actually care?........

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i heard that the scuff boys felt some members of clocker had become slightly obnoxious around that time and dropped all the good songs for their set. i also heard that noone should take the fanzine or funky bassists too seriously.

on the other hand, recent meetings with members of eddison have proved far less taxing.

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