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noise compilation

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If you made up a noise compilation what would go on it? Here was my effort, that tried to avoid overly long tunes...


All Noise Sounds The Same

Side 1

Merzbow - Requim

Bark Psychosis - unknown track

Nels Cline / Wally Shoup / Chris Corsano - Lake of fire memories

Fantasmos & The Melvins - Good morning slaves

Satan's Tornado - Enhanced amalgamated computer experience

Jazzkammer - Great lake trout

Omoide Hatoba - We are hello

Black Dice - Heavy manners

Wolf Eyes - Village oblivia

Xinli Supreme - Kyoro

Painkiller - Scud Attack

Arcane Device - Lathe

Side 2

Choose - Purzuit ov noize

Alan Splet - Space travel with changing choral textures

Carcass - track intro

Godflesh - Street Cleaner

QT? - Nnoon

Joseph Nothing - Spanking (Albert Fish Mix)

Monguito - New wave tornado

Mount Vernon Arts lab - Window

Janet Cardiff - The Missing Voice

Russell Haswell - Maquette Angmentation

Ruins - Refusal fossil

Strich Pluralo - Es trich spluralo twa

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I'd include these as well: Mogwai - Like Herod; Dalek - Eyes To Form Shadows; Aereogramme - -

Can't think of anymore just now!

I was going to use something from the Dalek / Faust album but ran out of space. Mogwai have been on enough of my compilations overall.. I totally forgot about Aereogramme!


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Aye, Mogwai's kinda the easy answer! But Like Herod still makes me jump when those guitars kick in! There's another track on the newest dalek album, I forget what its called but it just starts off with a grinder panning across each speaker or something - that'd be a good one!

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note to self - buy the two Dalek albums at some point in time rather than borrowing the first one from the library on random occasions...

I picked up "abscence" in the second hand section of One Up for about 6 quid a couple of months ago.

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1.MASSONNA - beast

2.PRURIENT - silent mary


4.SUTCLIFFE JUGEND - abduction

5.WHITEHOUSE - a cunt like you



8.DEATHPILE - triumph of the hunter

9.TAINT - i'm a whore

i'm not going on as trawling through my stuff to choose tracks had destroyed my pleasant, mellow headspace.i like the harsh end of noise.stick on some grey wolves, early wolf eyes, priest in shit maybe to finish it.fuck off.

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I'd drop in some

Kit Clayton



ex models

good choices' date=' not sure what all of them are, but I'll be looking online...


cheers - but beware my taste in music is often better than my spelling.

Two compilations I remember using were the David Toop's Haunted Weather and A History of Noise and Electronic Music Vol 2. Apart from that some Wire tappers and loads of other things I have now tidied away and forgotten...


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