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FUDGENIGHT67 - the moorings - dec 10

The Ghost Of Fudge

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tomorrow night, people, tomorrow night!


i know it's a long shot, but we have a band coming up from manchester to a gig at the moorings on saturday night. they're called Obsessive Compulsive. they just emailed me about crashing in my flat overnight, but my flat's the size of a shoebox. they're clean and all have sleeping bags, so if anyone has some floor space...



pm me, post here, or whatever.

hopefully some nice soul will reply. we'll let them and a friend in for free or something...

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Well nights like that remind me why it's worth getting up in the morning :) We judge the seats situation just right with everyone being comfortable and not too packed.

All the bands were quailty. Radio Lucifer played a stonking opening set. Red Man walking were their usual impressive selves even minus Greig's foreskin (who later appeared with Toxik Ephex). This was the best I've heard them. Toxik were reduced to a 3 piece (from 5) and their set was part genius part shambolic, but it was certaibly entertaining, the closing number 'Take Your Share' was probably the highlight, and some new people learned the words.

But IMO Obsessive COmpulsive stole the gig. They were outstanding, the singer has a great and powerful voice, and they were very tight. Their last number was my favourite, and we played it again inthe car on the way home. I hope they come back soon.

Oh - and the crowd were good too.


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