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Congratulations! You've just won a Caribbean cruise...

Tony Marlin

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...Press 7 to be claim your prize and be charged 47gizillion per minute, even though we phoned you.

Has anyone else been called by Mr & Mrs American Accent Machine and been told this happy news. Clogged up my answerphone when I was on holiday so no-one else could leave messages. They phoned me again tonight and caused me to burn my toast. Grrrrrrr. :swearing:

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Guest Main Agent
This is very helpful. I haven't had a crappy phone call in months. Used to get plagued by them.

Trouble with that is that most companies just ignore it, if it works for you then you are pretty lucky, and its only UK based companies that are regulated by it,

Telephone spam is fucking sshit, someone can give your phone number to these spammers and there really is nothing you can do about it, except change your number and then go ex directory.

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