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Gun Club 26th August Featuring Mother & the Addicts


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I think it's 'Blind Pew'...

The posters are great and I like looking out for the typo's. Cheers for getting the correct amount of C's in staccato. The best one to date has been in hospitaility at T in The Park 'Stacccato'...

Hey, if anyone ever gets the chance to play on a moving boat do it! Its trippy and fab having the world move past you whilst playing a gig, especially when the boat lurches a little and you just about fall over...

Looking forward to the Gun Club much! Mother & The Addicts are top


www.staccatoset.co.uk (not much to look at yet) :up:

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Ordinarily yes

Are you sure that's not just you?

I wasn't sure until I realised that everyone else was moving in the same direction except for Andy whose bass sound had him rooted to an entirley different gravitational pull...

There was a worrying sense of self importance on the trip up the Clyde from Greenock! It's not often bridges open and swivel for you...


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yea i thought they were great at drakes too.

but what i really want to know is what's the deal with the hollyoaks regulars? regulars as what? i don't recall seeing any bands on hollyoaks.

and jim, i'm sure ziggy just imagines he misses me. the reality of meeting me drunk again will only lead to hate and anger and the memory of empty sonic deth monkeys behind the bar only too soon :)

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