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Happy Birthday Brian!


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Guest onlynik
Happy Birthday darlin' date=' I'm sure you'll do a spectacular job of getting drunk in true Deadloss fashion today in celebration :cheers:

Do pop past Bugsy's![/color']

Hey Old Man have a great day

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Happy birthday man!!! Getting old, we'll all have to chip in and get you a flat cap, some reading glasses and a skoda that you can drive at 10 miles and hour down the fast lane with your indicator on every sunday..... Hehe, only kidding, have a good one!

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why thank you all. i spent ALL my money at paintball yesterday though, and noone gave me any cash. but in three business days i'll be solvent.

my drunken night of stupidity will be at the moorings on sat. i have craig and scorge on dj duty, so i can concentrate exclusively on getting pissed. then, onto air guitar, oh yes indeed.

and then, probably..... accident and emergency :D hurrah!

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