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desperately seeking susan.....!!!!!!!!!!!

Dizzy Storm

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well if you're name was actually susan that would be sooo cool...! :D

anyway, hello people. we, at Arkade Projects...are desperately in need of help actually. we have quite a few gigs coming up, but have absolutely no time to poster around town for these shows because we all have full time jobs - which is a necessisty to be able to put on the shows but is also a bit of a bugger... :(

SOOOO...we wondered if there was anybody out there, bearing in mind it is the school/college/uni holidays etc, who would be willing/available/keen to do some distribution of posters for us around town (we have a list of places!)

now, we're not minted/rich (well, rich in musical knowledge maybe...!) so all we can offer would be free entry to our excellent gigs :up: , maybe even for you and a friend (an ideal opportunity to experience some great/mad/loud/eccentric/excellent all of the time, bands from all around the world!) ...and *possibly/hopefully/probably* (to be discussed with the individual) payment on the night of the show...or before (to be discussed obviously) oh and our undying love forever and ever of course...! a bit vague just now i know....!

so if anyone's interested, PM us at Arkade Projects...

sharon :love:

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