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The Onion Terror Mobile Phone Non-Appreciation Thread


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It's the easiest phone in the world to text' date=' even when i'm the drunkest i've ever been my txt's are still 99% coherent.[/quote']


1. "Freezing cold slegsa, no chance of a fatat 3, way lol... fgay. have fun in bed, don't think of me too much, lol lol lol l ll lol wax lol. slipknot. Ruff. XX"

2. "I'm home.. noo rapige will hapen inles thencers here' tehn i'm doomed like a mr doomed"


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First time I met Mr Onutass I was minding my own business in Drakes, self-administering my liquid meds, when that very phone was thrust in my face as a miniature billboard advertising the next Terror gig. (A fate that befell every single person in the place that evening, I seem to recall.) I could tell straight away he was very drunk, he was all blurry.

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