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new band, PESTHOLE, quite unpleasant, mp3 inside

steve corps

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Fucking right' date=' can we expect cds any time soon?[/quote']

aye aye.dunno if i'll release this myself or see if i can twist an arm to have someone do it for me.have to see once its done.

Or' date=' perhaps slightly more unlikely, a live rendition?[/quote']

maybe, maybe not. i was working on a werewolf corps set with a few people before that all caved in, and have the beginnings of a backdrop video i was recording leftover so i might just do it.then again, it would involve a)other people which invariably leads to b)dealing with wankers, so for now its just steve and his mate steve.

Dont quite get james cow' date=' but monkey is better/more horrific (imho)[/quote']

james cow and monkey fuckshit are the mellower, more melodic side of the stuff i have recorded, it veers between that and far, far harsher stuff.cheers for listening.

I don't like it at all.

likewise' date=' cheers for giving it a listen

very unpleasant. particularly when mixed with the bassy drones of the flat above mes inhabitants arguing. I think they're arguing. maybe they're discussing favourite rape/horror scene quotes. I'm not really sure.

if memory serves me correctly i was strangling 'her' whilst fucking 'him', thats probably what you heard dave.although i'm not really sure either anymore.

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Guest Nikola Tesla

This is the kind of stuff which sounds like it would make a good soundtrack to a really nasty surreal film... which is a good thing mind.

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Guest AmbientMood

I would agree with the film soundtrack thing. It is quite disgusting to listen to, which is the desired effect.

But as for saying I would sit and listen to it..

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What you using to make this?

Monkey fuckshit is good. Not so keen on James Cow

synth, rat + chorus pedal, bass feedback, couple of made up guitar chords, cheap plastic mics, rum.

also, its not a pissing contest but its been top 4 (3 today) in the noise charts on soundclick since friday, which generates an amused smile for me! werewolf corps stuff always sat around 10 or so.


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