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any one-off drummers?

The Ghost Of Fudge

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hello. deadloss were going to be playing at the moorings next sat (11th) but waz can't do the gig. so i just thought i'd see if there was a drummer prepared and able to play a short set with us. probably with little or no rehersal! it's the way we like it.

this may be a terrible idea' date=' but you never know... :D[/quote']

Jimmy Stac! Jimmy Stac!

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Well, obviously keep trying to get someone better, or who actually knows the songs, but I've had a go at remembering the ones I can find tonight, and I'd be up for it. I won't be offended if you say no, but if you wish, my Saturday is your Saturday...

hellooooooooooo frosty!

i txtd jim' date=' but he's probably gonna be away. in truth, he knows he can't hack the pace :)

so.... frosty....

are you in anyway familiar with any of our songs and capable of playing on sat 11th at the moorings, onstage at 9pm, and able to possibly even rehearse in exile for an hour around sixish?[/quote']

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