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I think THIS is the best picture ever, actually.

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Oh you are ace. Points for you.

Did you see this week's Popworld? "Welcome to our millionth show! We're going to look back over the best moments of the last 3000 years"


Popworld is essential viewing.

My favourite moment recently has been Miquita interviewing the Dutch 'Pink' type girl.

The interview was preceded by a clip of Tony Hadley on the phone claiming the girl she was about to interview was a compulsive liar. The interview that followed went something like this...

Miquita - So are you enjoying Britain?

Dutch Girl - Yeh I'm really enjoying it

Miquita (sarcastically) - Suuuuree you are.

Dutch girl was left completely baffled at why the women interviewing her didn't believe anything she was saying.

While we're on the subject, who the fuck let the Kaiser Chiefs stand in for the glorious Amstell?

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I actually really like when the Kaisers are on cos they do have a laugh and they know it's all silly.

My favourite ever moments were the Natalie Imbruglia interview with Simon wearing a paper bag on his head because he felt inferior to her beauty.

Interviewing Tweet and asking her loads of questions that rhymed with her name. And then she tried to do it back but failed.

Toolbox Jury - Utter utter genius.

Simon asking Dizzee Rascal if the film he was making music for was like the "Black Snatch".

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Oh' date=' and when some r&b guy was on and Simon (as Guvner) gave him an OMO award. The look on his face was perfect. I love Popworld. I'd shag it if it was a boy.

Popworld's Livejournal

Yes! that was a cracker.

And he asked him how it felt to have an 'OMO' in his hands and he repeatedly asked "Do you think I'm shafting you?, does it feel like I'm shafting you?".

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Next week on Popworld: Duran Duran, McFly, and our mystery guest, Daniel Beddingfield. Ace!

It was also ace when Simon went to the Brits and kept asking if anyone wanted wristbands for "charities" such as "pyjamas for llamas" and "monkeys for junkies".

Oh he's just the best. Two of my friends met him at a Kaiser's gig a few weeks ago and he invited them to go to the filming of The Morning After Show. What a nice man. And he likes Tom Vek. LUSH.

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