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don't know who to vote for ?


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yea i got lib dem which is who i'll probably vote for. the only other party i'd vote for are the greens but i'm not sure if they're fielding a candidate in aberdeen south. and i think a vote for the lib dems is more productive than for the greens in a general election. scottish elections are different.

they got the policies and it'd be great to see them beat the tories into third and to provide a more effective opposition to labour. maybe forcing them to put through some more socially conscious bills. though i am a bit annoyed by the lib dem performance as part of the coalition government in the scottish parliament but i guess politics is the art of compromise, and they sure did compromise a lot.

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heh, can you provide a link with the voting stats on that particular bill? i'd be interested to see that.

incidentally if anyone is interested to know if a green candidate is standing in their constituency then click the link here: http://www.scottishgreens.org.uk/site/id/4409/title/Westminster_05.html

aberdeen souths candidate is a smiley woman named rhonda reekie. and she just might get my vote.

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