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Metal + HC Sat 31st Jan

Dizzy Storm

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female fronted sludge metal from Kettering on Dreamcatcher records...these have supported the likes of Megadeth on tour...Gen Tasker, a female vocalist who can not only scream her merry lungs out with style but who also drips star appeal and undeniable pin-up appeal.......... A band so full of raw energy, pure emotion and sheer shining promise..... A twisted hybrid of Eyehategod, Will Haven, and early Hole, this horribly youthful quintet have got some superbly memorable tunes, but also sound like they'd stamp on your gonads if you pushed your luck....... Music that kicks like a rabid donkey............ They are so young its revolting, but Defenestration make a lacerating racket which is too extreme to be written off....... Defenestration are going to kick your ears off

FREEBASE www.freebase-ukhc.com

FREEBASE have firmly established themselves at the forefront of UKHC. Overlooking the current trends of Nu-Metal / Emo and Pop Punk, FREEBASE have ardently stuck to an old-school formula consistently developing and expanding the sound that has gained them such credit thus far. Those values coupled with an uncompromising character, has left a definitive and lasting impression on the UKHC / Metal scene.

With the much-anticipated release of "My Life. My Rules!" FREEBASE finally gained the recognition they deserved from the European and U.S. market, with live appearances in countries as far afield as Malta! This hard-working, hard touring ethic is lauded throughout the underground and mainstream media, establishing them as "Road Hogs". And truly showing that they are, "Ungovernable... Unstoppable in their desire to reach the next challenge".

Despite highs and lows, trends and fashions in the metal and hardcore scene, FREEBASE have managed to fit in to any live situation and comfortably hold their own leaving a dignified and respectful response among those observing this five-man tsunami.

Throughout their career so far FREEBASE have played with legendary hardcore and metal bands such as: Madball / Cro-Mags / Slapshot / Comin' Correct, The Exploited / G.B.H. / The Business, Pitchshifter and Saxon among many others, which only serves to bolster the reputation they have gained about their musical and performing diversity.

Their love of touring, beer, hard-hitting hardcore and "In-your-face" live shows has earned FREEBASE a reputation that precedes them. However, once FREEBASE are unleashed upon the listening audience the real reason they have gained such notoriety across the hardcore scenes in the UK, Europe and far beyond can be seen.

With FREEBASE currently upgraded, for the first time in the bands history, to a five piece, they are once again ready to embrace further touring commitments. Also, they are busy writing new material for a follow up to the highly praised My Life. My Rules album, and the new material promises to be just as uncompromising in its attitude as its predecessors. This new material along with FREEBASEs positive, unchanging outlook added with extra intensity, integrity and intelligence promises to take this band very much forward and up to the next level of musicianship in the UKHC / Metal scene

CERTAIN DEATH: Kirkcaldys fast rising metal/hardcore hooligans featuring Robbie from legendary 80s punks THE EXPLOITED!

ELEMENT 106: Local metal mentalists

BONESAW - local black metal legends



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Originally posted by Bonesaw Bazz:

Did Dave put you up to that Shaz?

Black Metal.... hehe Your second guess hit the mark though.

I know you want me to get all hot headed and scream about us not being "Evil Panda Core" Dave, but i'm nae going to.... It was an innocent mistake by the uneducated (in metal matters) Mistress of Drakes.


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