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WAV to MP3 convertor?


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Guest valley69
does anyone have one of these - i'm just wanting something that can just do it straight away without having to do all sorts of extra stuff...can't be done with using cubase and drawing up markers or using soundforge.


i think thres one called nero .

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i use a prgramme called dBpoweramp, its a free download, it works perfectly for me

and pretty easy to use, no extra stuff that you wont need or use, just for converting audio files into other audio files (you can download the patches for different filetypes, ogg, shn, and so on...)


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Guest gilly

search on google for "free wav to mp3 converter".. i've found some before. Most of them might be trial editions though, so i guess it depends if you want to use it long term.

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Install AUDIOGRABBER and then Unzip the file lame_enc.dll into C:\Audiograbber then hey presto, a FREE MP3/WAV CD RIPPER, with the ability to drag and drop WAV files direct into the program and convert to MP3, you can also prepare the ID3 tag in advance....

NB. Don't use the LAME codec for anything less than 160kbps....a bit wishy washy sounding at 128!

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