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  1. @leepg I have my first one, October 1981, stored on my Sky Box for nostalgia :)

  2. @En_kindle Er, that would be Zandra Rhodes.

  3. . @tfMichael1892 For someone who claims to write a Newcastle United fanzine, why are nearly all your tweets about #safc ?

  4. Still Game might have gambled a bit using Gina Lollobrigida in the script tonight. Twitter suggests that 90% of the… https://t.co/B2FSLEWlN2

  5. RT @GaryDelaney: RIP Sir Ken Dodd. One of the all time greats. The funeral will be held on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and most of Saturday.

  6. Been loving Bridget Christie's Utopia series on @BBCRadio4 - you should too! https://t.co/SOb02dLFBO

  7. @billrobertson55 Sounds had gone by the time I started reading. Used to borrow Melody Maker but never liked it as much as NME.

  8. @Lee_Spoons Aha, I have a copy of Carter’s 101 Damnations on record and the intro to A Perfect Day to Drop the Bomb… https://t.co/dEuhPvgsoF

  9. It’s #DrSeussDay so I need a good rhyme, and PseudoSeuss phrasing appears to be fine, so kergiddle my schneeds and… https://t.co/CotKG4sEQc

  10. RT @HaworthH: A lighthouse in Fraserburgh and a pier in Peterhead provide inspiration for my newest album, just released on... https://t.co…

  11. RT @RalfLittle: Jeremy Hunt. https://t.co/ON95Vy9PXj

  12. Loving this live-action remake of Rastamouse #deathinparadise

  13. @brianftang Aha, I didn't know that. Thought it went by publishing date and it was 95 years. Cheers. Mind you, m… https://t.co/QPxJ4tYDix

  14. @Lee_Spoons Ooh! Get thee to a TV!

  15. Roses are rose Violets are violet I have more crayons Than you