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  1. @feclarkart Thanks, you too!

  2. @IndieOver40 @Clive_Stringer @BeardedSteven Nobody thinking 'Michael' by the Frank and Walters?

  3. Excellent Writers' Room session this evening with @Shane_Strachan, @SareenMcLay, @daisyofeastegg, @CC_Abdn - no more distractions, now!

  4. @JohnOberg @catrionayule @frankmoggington

  5. @StagecoachNScot Ran to get here for 5.35, not a single bus to speak of since then.

  6. RT @365aberdeen: Morning! My podcast with former @AberdeenFC captain @Russell4nderson is live now. Please listen and RT. Mon ih Dons. https…

  7. RT @Shane_Strachan: I've loved supporting @mornayoung throughout this year at @CC_Abdn Applications are now open for the Dr Gavin Wallace F…

  8. @h_allison_poet Thanks! The gherkin was a bit forced for the merkin rhyme, but I couldn't think what else Hugh's wig would live on as!

  9. RT @HighMossMusic: Here's "Frank and Tilly's Dinner" from "The Arnage Sessions". Buy the album at:... https://t.co/r8yNiMCKRH

  10. @LibraryatEA @ElginAcPE @PoetryDayUK @ByLeavesWeLive Good luck, Keith! A tough job indeed!

  11. @GNFARcomics Ah, I remember that issue well. I loved Nipper, think I have most of the run at home somewhere.

  12. @welshgirlinldon The only nominee who wasn't English was the drummer in Dinosaur. 100% English last year. Idris' wo… https://t.co/5SIwJ1Rd6v

  13. @LibraryatEA Ah, it's interesting to see that Wonka makes it in as an antagonist, it might show which child the voters' sympathy lies with!

  14. @mrjimBob Ah, beaten to the orange-handed punchline!

  15. @markwoff @newsfromnowhere I'm nearly finished the e-book.