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  1. #BadBookPrequels Five Consider, Get Worried About and Ultimately Prepare for an Adventure

  2. #antiquesroadshow Who knew Suzi Quattro was so into West Indian fruit?

  3. Brendan Foster to retire from commentary after the Worlds. Let's hope Sir Mo gives him a double gold send off!

  4. RT @NicolaSturgeon: If PM doesnt have the confidence to debate her plans on TV with other leaders, broadcasters should empty chair her and…

  5. RT @CSBancroft_poet: Watership down; a great example of man's destruction of wild life. It should disturb you, but not because of the gore.…

  6. @LemonTreeWrites The website seems to be down?

  7. RT @camcamina: Monkman keeps getting better #UniversityChallenge

  8. RT @NicholasPegg: Man furious as pagan goddess Eostre's name is omitted from a thing about a rabbit bringing chocolate eggs.…

  9. RT @HaworthH: Published ten years ago today. Cover by Kristi Cumming.

  10. RT @JohnSkelton: Here's a poster I made for @IMP_aberdeen for the amazing @10000russos and @seasstarry gig in May in Aberdeen. Quote from @…

  11. RT @JBwol: If only there were some type of regular taxation system Barlow could use to give back regularly to society. Would save all this…

  12. RT @boobygraffoe: Announcer just said 1st class passengers should go to coach C for Charlie. Bloody hell. In 2nd class they don't even give…

  13. Jeez, you can easily get rid of the Evening Standard and NME by pretending they're the Big Issue. Let Osborne kill one, if not both.

  14. Wow, what is it that makes celebrity TV judges and radio DJs so brilliant at writing for children? Amazing!

  15. RT @owen_g: A reminder that British Cycling has had £78.5m in exchequer and Lottery funding over the past 12 years.