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  1. @leespoons1 So he did have his own song after all!

  2. RT @timnokes: Somewhere there is a painting of Johnny Greenwood ageing horribly #Glastonbury #Radiohead

  3. @AndreaMann Looks like two short ones to me.

  4. RT @AlexDLibrary: Poem for today: My father's hand by Gerard Rochford @byleaveswelive

  5. @IndieOver40 @caroline_binnie The Loft - Up the Hill and Down the Slope

  6. @ariesgirlzz03 It's bad, but not sure it's any worse than ten years ago when Keano ringed the changes. Need someone to do that now.

  7. True legend in sport. Bring on London.

  8. RT @Eoina_Rodgers: Foxes everywhere after seeing the #ExitPoll

  9. I scoffed at this, thinking I'd not be guilty of any. But there are one or two. Anyone else?

  10. Soon be time for another Apothecaries meeting with @catrionayule, @HaworthH, @poetship and the non-tweeting EE Chandler.

  11. RT @scottishbktrust: You've got exactly ONE WEEK LEFT to submit your real-life story to our Nourish campaign, for @BookWeekScot: https://t.…

  12. RT @HaworthH: Here's my poem "Gull", published today in "The Granite Mile" (Castlegate Arts). #newriters

  13. Oho, an extract from Philip Pullman's new #bookofdust has been published!

  14. @BlakeHermsprong @FourSkinners @thebuxtonblog Terrorists terrorise. Muslims are human beings. Aren't you?

  15. Argh, EasyJet made me late home for #countarthurstrong last night. Saw him live a fortnight ago and haven't laughed as much in years.