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  1. RT @scottishmusic: JOBS: @sistemascotland are recruiting Musicians on an ongoing basis for their #bignoise project in Torry, Aberdeen APPLY…

  2. @SareenMcLay Thanks Sareen, i'll check it out. How's your writing going?

  3. RT @NeilMortimore1: I think it’s fantastic that #LewisHamilton might win both #SPOTY and overseas #SPOTY...

  4. @lee_spoons either 'either' or 'either'. Either is ok.

  5. Why do footballers enjoy looking at the ground then looking up so much?

  6. @BookWeekScot An autopsy of crime writers?

  7. @RossThomson_MP @UKParliament @scotgov @theSNP Actually, not the same. Can you both put pressure on OpenReach to im… https://t.co/8uFuJvOJc5

  8. RT @Salad_Band: As well as our show with Echobelly at The Scala on Nov 27th, we will be heading out on the road for a few dates in April 20…

  9. @m_yosry2012 @barbaramcveigh @catrionayule

  10. @rtjpoet How about an aerial shot? Ha! Not sure the price of oil has any bearing on things for me from day to day :)

  11. This Christmas I want you all to get Stuffed. (It's the first thing I've released under new pen name… https://t.co/K9eUrfLFhR

  12. Napalm death on a ukulele. #guessthejohnlewisad

  13. RT @rickywrotethat: Watch out for my first story - Stuffed - coming to Kindle soon. Working on the cover art right now - squaawk!

  14. @DonaldJTrumpJr Maybe Chloe could teach you how to spell while you're at it?

  15. Seeing this pleased me very much, @mowack https://t.co/BPAooOmDrj