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  1. @lukewrightpoet Hope your daemon shows up soon, Luke.

  2. @scottish_water Hi, we've noticed our supply is very weak in the AB41 region. Do you know if there are any problems? Thanks.

  3. Just been re-listening to last year's winner of #Eurovision - I'd forgotten that it's genuinely a really good song.… https://t.co/pMufPl1u3e

  4. The only sense in which Trump deserves the peace prize is that he's kept his hands off the big red button thus far.… https://t.co/m54Btg9ia1

  5. @Official_T4O @DBestseventy2 Congratulations! You’re the millionth person to make that joke on Twitter!

  6. Wahey, well done @ezracollective - jazz act of the year!

  7. @Hoidy When I started supporting Celtic in 1984, Aberdeen were the best team in Scotland!

  8. @TheOrielles @Lee_Spoons I see! I'm off for another listen on Spotify. Will you be up in the north of Scotland any time soon?

  9. Want to read about that time I dared to turn up to school in black jeans? You do? Great, click this link -> https://t.co/0G5GwysrOy

  10. @wh_86 Why 70 years especially? We went down to the third tier in 1987 too. Aye, you were still in nappies the last… https://t.co/BZtD2uuH1U

  11. Both Craig Ferguson and Bruce Morton in Still Game tonight. The early 90s TV stand up revival starts here!

  12. #CunkOnBritain rewards viewers with a good knowledge of British history, that’s one of the best things about it. Excellent stuff.

  13. Limmy’s Homemade Show - wasn’t quite “gie’s yer jaikit” was it?

  14. Wonder who's on the panel for scripted comedy at BAFTA? Strange they've overlooked Detectorists, Inside No.9 and D… https://t.co/3sCjV13YcP

  15. . @brokentv 100% white men there apart from Gillian Gilbert, Candida Doyle and the drummer from The Libertines. Wow!

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