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  1. 'Take me to your leader,' he said making first contact with cub scouts. Akela liked the strange new harmonies during Gin Gan Gooly. #thepush

  2. In the 7 years since she smashed her mirror over his head, he hadn't come back. 'I call that lucky,' she said, smashing another. #thepush

  3. RT @textfiles: Spread the word: The Internet Archive has put up *25,000* 78rpm records, digitized professionally. h…

  4. Could any of these be useful? @DiddyBoBelle1

  5. Gutted for CJ Ujah. 9th in consecutive championships.

  6. RT @jadamthwaite: @goosefat101 @edbookfest We'll be handing #ThePush steering wheel to @edbookfest for a while; be sure to look out for the…

  7. RIP Adobe Flash - the software that made 'skip intro' such an important part of our web experience.

  8. #safc hashtag is full of Newcastle fans and their unfunny posts. Give it a rest, I'm sick of having to scroll past them.

  9. #TheSweetMakers Interesting dental segment pre and post introduction of sugar to Britain!

  10. @waldron1994 Any ideas who?

  11. Count Arthur Strong unfairly lumped in with other BBC1 character comedy by people on here. But I'll admit that series was poor overall.

  12. RT @newriters: Don't miss Speakin' Weird with guest poet Richie Brown. Tonight at Underdog Aberdeen. #newriters

  13. Like Spoken Word? You'll love Speakin' Weird! I'll be doing a 20 min set on Wednesday from 7:30pm at Underdog, Union Street, Aberdeen.

  14. @chickenhsebooks Maths meets Mythology. When Theseus fails to overcome the Minotaur, it's up to Donald to calculate his way to victory!

  15. To be fair, this was Progres' 14th European tie and Rangers' 2nd. They were beaten by a more experienced side. They'll get further one day.