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  1. i prefer falling about like a drunken idiot to be honest. always careful never to smack into anyone who isnt doing the same though.
  2. i had the best time ever! poor effort on everyone elses dancing front though, BOOOOOOOOO
  3. hello! this year the punk fest will be on the 22nd of august on edinburghs cramond island with the fallowing bands playing AFTERBIRTH HAPPY SPASTICS GIN GOBLINS GUSTO MASTIVO ROUGHMUTE JOEY TERRIFYING BOTTOM FEEDERS UNCALM CARVE THE FUTURE BOMB BERLIN buses: you can get the 41 and 24 to cramond 16, 27, 29 +42 to silverknowes BRING FOOD, WATER AND ALCOHOL BE ON THE ISLAND BY MID DAY OR YOU WONT BE ABLE TO GET ON ISLAND OF PUNK on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads
  4. majorly cool tshirt, who designed it?
  5. im starting to get sick of venues in aberdeen pulling this shit all the time
  6. i used to have an american girlfriend, we had endless arguements about the gig/show thing, according to her a gig was going to see bon jovi at a stadium while a show was in a bar or DIY etc, i think everyone will agree that she had it the wrong way round.
  7. haha you fucker, me and my girlfriend spent a couple hours taking turns throwing up in the toilet
  8. hahaha i seriously agree, part of the reason wifebeater werent a threat to society was because we never played to 'youngsters' while young people are exactly the people who will fall for this shit. whos up for writing a letter to parlament or starting a petition?
  9. i would just like to add here that i got in a fight with their singer. he headbutted me when i saw them in edinburgh because i was looking distinctly unimpressed by them and when he jumped into the crowd and knocked into me i shoved him away. which was when he headbutted me and then ran away. i confronted him about it outside and he tried to denigh it, if your going to do stuff like that. at least be like 'YEAH I DID SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT'. what happened to rock and roll?
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