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  1. Thanks guys! That's actually who it was serviced by before I bought the amp. Think I'm gonna try him.
  2. Hello, Does anyone know where in Aberdeen I can have my amp checked out and repaired? I have a 6505 that I can't use cause it's not working. Am I right to assume that maybe R&B or II Music might, but may be very costly? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Damo
  3. Funny enough I was found out about Listener last night and was listening to his stuff on Facebook when I found this thread! He's awesome! You might like a guy called Astronautalis, he's a lot more hip hop, but his stuff musically is totally different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl1kwoChjGc
  4. PS-I think that made sense yea!?
  5. Yea, I've got another question! My RG has a long shaft input jack, with the 3 tabs on the top. So I unfortunatly can't use the input jack that came with the EMG's. What I'm wondering is, can I basically wire up the jack the same as it was with the old INF's, but use the extra tab for grounding the battery!? I have a feeling I can, but I thought I would ask before I went forth with it, as I have to solder that bit together! I emailed EMG asking the same thing, and all they sent back was a old kinda wiring diagram that didn't answer my question at all! Thanks again!
  6. Thanks again guys for all the help, I've decided on the 81/60's! I've finally managed to get home from work, and I've the model Ibanez I have is the RGT42FM. Here's a link to it if you are wanting to see it. http://cachepe.zzounds.com/media/quality,85/brand,zzounds/RGT42FMDR-ec95b638a734a724810ed0d180494adc.jpg Anyways, I have a couple questions now that I am going ahead with the new pickups. As you can see with my guitar, it only has one volume and one tone pot. How do I go about connecting both pickups to each pot using the solderless quick connect system they use with these pickups!? Or are the pots already designed for multi pickup use with the solderless design? My other question was, I am wanting to change the toggle switch from 5 way to 3 way, as I never use the "inbetween" settings on the switch, basically only use the just-neck and just-bridge settings. I am wondering if you can tell me which switch is the one I am wanting. On the EMG page they have 2, there is a 3 way Tele and the 3 way Strat. Thanks again!! Damo
  7. I'm not sure what the standard pots are in my RG, I'll check when I get home from offshore, but I don't plan to swap from passive to active, just have the active pickups in all the time. That is a good idea about how they come with the easy quick connect, as I really could play around with them and see what sort of sounds I can get. I'm sold on the 81 pretty much but gonna have to really think about between the 85 and 60, but the 60 is sounding more like what I am wanting than the 85. My RG sounds shit in clean with what is in it right now, so anything will probably be better! HateEvent, how do you hold all this knowledge!!! Haha!
  8. Devin is nuts, seen him quite a few times with Strapping! Gene Hoglin is fuckin nuts as well, how can a man so fat and overweight move his legs so fast....or should I say, for someone who can move his legs so fast, how is he so fat!? But I thought Devin was completely done with music. Or am I wrong!?
  9. HateEvent, thanks for all the input, I really appreciate all the help!! I think I am pretty much sold on the EMG 81, pretty much contemplating between the 85 or the 60 for the neck pickup. I noticed that ESP Eclipse II come with the 60. Opinions?! And which would be better for doing sweeping and stuff higher up the neck with distortion for the neck position? My Ibanez's pickup on the neck position is surprisingly pretty decent sounding! But I'm not going half way and only buying one new pickup. As well, I've read a few other forums where guys have put in 81's and 85's, and there was no mention of changing the pots. Was wondering if this is a must? and how hard would it be to change my 5 way switch to a 3 way, as I only ever use the bridge-only and neck-only positions. Thanks again guys for the input!! Really appreciated!!
  10. Thanks John! I've been pricing that set up anyways, and turns out it's cheaper to buy the "Zakk Wilde" pickups, which is the 81/85 in one package, instead of buying both separately and paying more! I do know they are active, and there is more than enough space in the pot cavity of my rg to fit a 9 volt in there! Any idea on how long the battery will last, as I just bought a 5 string bass with active pickups and have no idea how long they last fresh! Next time I see ya I'll give you a ! ;P
  11. Hey guys, I've been contemplating getting some new pickups for my Ibanez RG, can't remember what model exactly, but it has the INF1 and INF2's in it. I usually play on the bridge pickup and find it sounds a bit muddy, the neck isn't too bad for the lead-type solo stuff, not that I can shred or anything... I'm thinkin of getting EMG's, probably the 81 for the bridge, maybe with the 85 for the neck combo, but not too sure, so just wondering what you guys think.. experience!? I play heavy music, so I know the EMG's are more for metal, and I'm ok with that, as a blues tone isn't really what I'm going for... Any other recommendations? I've read that the Dimarzio Evolutions are pretty decent, but haven't read much on them!! Any help would be appreciated!! Damo
  12. Hey dudes, Apologies as I wasn't sure where to post this. A friend of mine back home in Vancouver is selling a load of old hard to get hardcore vinyls on ebay, so I thought there might be a few guys on here that might be interested.... The link to his stuff is: eBay Canada Seller: vanderhoek w: Music, Clothing, Shoes Accessories on eBay.ca at low prices
  13. Hey dudes, Was just wondering if anyone has any idea as to who is supporting Cancer Bats tomorrow night? I read that Trash Talk is support them on this tour, other than the Aberdeen date, but that is all I can find on the net as to any info on this gig! Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places! Either way, it's gonna be a rad gig, and be interesting to see who is supporting!
  14. Sounds like the dude thinks he's better than he is. My opinion is based off of what I've seen on his page on facebook. The ideas are there, don't get me wrong, it just seems there is a kinda amateur-look to the tats. And I do know the style, as I am very much a fan of old school tats and artwork. His lines aren't straight!! By no means should people be pressured into getting tats they don't want. At the end of the day, he is offering a service, and tattoo shops thrive off of word of mouth advertisement(as you can tell by this thread isn't exactly working in his favor), especially if they are small not well known shops. He should be doing what he can to cater to the customer and not have this "I'm the artist, I do what I want on your body regardless of your opinion" mentality. I've been tattooed by Uncle Allan, a world famous tattoo artist, and not once did he ever question what I wanted, or the size, and never did he use his stature as a well know artist to change what I wanted. He gave his professional advice if an idea wasn't going to work out, and suggested other ideas.. So I think Green is wanting to be something bigger than what it really is. But judging by the pics on his facebook, he does have potential to be a decent tattooist, maybe it was a tad early to open his own shop though. Think I'll definitely be sticking to Richard as for local tattooists goes. And I'll go out of city for any old school style tats I want as in Paul at Red Hot and Blue, or Uncle Allan! If you haven't seen his stuff yet, check out his facebook page, someone posted it earlier, but I'll repost it. Welcome to Facebook
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