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  1. Aye well this is a first for Korova, or infact Eric when he still owned Drummonds has ever let me down, so while im disappointed, i can accept it. But yes, you do hear of this quite alot in Aberdeen these days.
  2. less than 2 weeks away on a saturday night. there's not a venue available that would would be good enough or big enough. tunnels, moorings and drummonds will definatly be booked. but aye... hopfully postponed.
  3. gigs been pulled by the venue. Problems in the venue has delayed the putting on of gigs, which means we be fucked for this one. Another Time
  4. sounds like a good way tae spend my anniversary. nice wan!
  5. Tickets will be available in Korova next week and i'll have a ton on me as well during the week.
  6. lol. Happy Spastics have pulled out. Toxik Ephex will now headline, to be honest, dunno why i didn't think of them to start with.
  7. Chaos Promotions first gig in a while and our first at our new venue at the Korova Klub. Hope to see you there. Find us about or in Korova's Rock Night every Friday night to get tickets.
  8. my dad put that on me and my brothers bedroom doors. it might still be there actually.
  9. Just to give a quick shout to let everyone know that we are moving the store online permanently and we're going to be trading at festivals and bike rallies instead of keeping our store open within the Aberdeen Market. It's been about a year since we opened and while we've all had a good laugh with the shop it's time to close the premises as it's just too much to maintain at the moment. Just typical that the company would get on it's feet a few months before the country went into recession Anyway, as a nice fairwell gesture to everyone, whether you made the effort to come past or not, we've slashed the prices on EVERYTHING. Up to 80% of in some cases, so if ye fancy making your money go further then come down and grab a few items. We're open 9am to 5.30pm Today (Friday 10th) and Tomorrow (Saturday 11th). Then everything will get shifted online by next week. Chaos Creations, Aberdeen - Punk Rock Clothing Big Thanks to all who supported us in our first year. We've all made a ton of new mates through this and had a belter of a time doing it. Please Keep in mind also that Humbugs (From Peterhead) has opened in the market as well up the back and at the front a new store called WT Fashion is about to open as well, both of which cater for the alternative fashion sense. Well worth checking out the both of them. Cheers Again and come grab yourself a bargain.
  10. will be there. thought east neuk had stopped the gigs.... again
  11. my thoughts exactly. What a bout Wifebeater? They've done alot this year, more than most of the other lot.
  12. na i was doing their mailing list stuff for them and i was advetising my gig in the shop but i put on "catch them at moshulu that night" on the poster cause i hadn't seen anything posted for the gig yet. I was just generally trying to let folk know by word of mouth as well.
  13. Thought both the locals supports sounded horrible last night and im a fan of both. Sadly the gig at Moshulu was a typical Moshulu gig. Poorly Advertised and Empty. The sound was so so as well. All credit to the bands. The gave it their all however.
  14. Fantastic News. The buses WILL be running tomorrow. so everything will be fan dabby dohzie. The Band have had to delay the start due to sound check so shall be playing around 4.30-4.45pm
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