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  1. Never change @mothfromdaflats https://t.co/trJkLup8I2

  2. @mothfromdaflats This guy https://t.co/TMzkAsFzac

  3. That's the campest Nazi salute I've ever seen. https://t.co/GfIC4bgdIn

  4. RT @StormyDaniels: I don't even do anal movies, you ignorant twat. That's like saying you are known for your beautiful rendition of The Sta…

  5. Andre Lotterer not making many friends today... #ParisEPrix

  6. Fatberg Autopsy is the oddest thing I've watched in a while but it's strangely fascinating.

  7. A new arrival! The public has been waiting with baited breath for months for this moment, what a proud day for all… https://t.co/XPllwkMK0q

  8. @The_Haps Good effort though. I laughed anyway.

  9. Oh right. That's what. It's a shame he's such a cunt, it makes it really difficult to listen to The Smiths. https://t.co/Fx2NTqd4EB

  10. Just completed a 4.97 km run with @Runkeeper. Check it out! https://t.co/Nakjvofik3 #Runkeeper

  11. Two separate mentions of MySpace Tom a few tweets apart on my timeline.... What are the odds? https://t.co/yYye6QTJ7Y

  12. I don't understand how these two things are related. https://t.co/6ulPKbot9k

  13. RT @withorpe: While the Mail takes every opportunity to attack Corbyn and Labour over antisemitism, here's a reminder of the time they decl…

  14. Whoever came up with the slogan "You've tried the rest, now try the best!" must be due some amount of royalties from local businesses.

  15. How is this fucking guy still a successful musician? https://t.co/hhmlEeY6l8: R Kelly accused of grooming 14-year… https://t.co/64Lp65Lkqj

  16. Opinions on new Irn Bru recipe :

  17. RT @CynthiaNixon: “When I announced yesterday that I’m running for gov, one of Cuomo’s top surrogates dismissed me as an “unqualified lesbi…

  18. You know what Grafton Street needs? More acoustic guitarist / singers doing Ed Sheeran songs..

  19. RT @mntgmry19: If anyone is interested in joining my Fantasy F1 league this year, it's https://t.co/PQAMnmENga, then league code 796371

  20. Get your sexy on. @ Rome, Italy https://t.co/XWV6ZtvNLu

  21. @NullAnneVoid Which part are you going to?

  22. @iNSiGNEiNK @tha_rami 1 mass shooting, 7 years ago. How many since? 0. How many in the US in that 7 years?

  23. If my office was a TV program it would be Extreme Bullshit: Racism Edition.

    1. AVB


      Do you also work in the NHS?

  24. RT @SophistCretin: https://t.co/teBLKMEt9L

  25. @JackPosobiec You can boycott all the companies that support them you fucking moron.

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