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  1. they were obviously playing somewhere like the AECC.
  2. he's jealous of stranded (obviously)
  3. some goth apparently went into parkers and asked for battered skittles.
  4. i've worked in both moby's and parkers. and i would say that you're a hell of a lot better off at parkers. moby's isn't too cool.
  5. it's all about the "pirateXcore" ...sigh.
  6. my favourite line so far has been along the lines of "being a goth, it's like dancing while the walls crumble down around you"
  7. yeah, or a dermal punch, neither of which retro rebels deal with.
  8. but he said he was going to "get them done" at retro rebels. not get the plugs from there. is that what he meant? my head hurts.
  9. some of the pro-self harm ones are pretty horrible.
  10. there are a lot of pretty bad/weird communities on livejournal.
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