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  1. really good....... I was sad to see it Finnish YouTube - Loituma does anyone else think its really addictive?
  2. call the hamster Lemmiwinks... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2eKWjAI_k0
  3. well.... i once bought some batteries and ate an apple, so thats electricity stuff and newtons laws covered... piece of piss...
  4. overkill by motorhead and fireball by deep purple.
  5. I had never seen this clip or even followed the story, sh!t i dont even post that often, and despite the fact its over a year old, i believe the verdict was right and the end of show summary was stupid. i recon that program will have been more damging to the band than any comment on aberdeen music. I do not even know the band but i now think of them as little moaning children (early 20's indeed!) and if i was a venue i would not book them in case they tried to take me to tv court for something ridiculous ... well ok i might book them if they got rid of there manager... oh and i nearly forgot..... IMO D
  6. *deleted by upper brain function* I AM WANT GO AWAY NOW...
  7. what ever happened to..... go fuck ?
  8. http://www.weightlossforall.com/carbohydrates-alcohol.htm
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