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  1. http://www.myspace.com/5769072
  2. awwww ur dog is lovely gumpy!!! i love dogs! got 2 at my rents - leo is mine but i cant look after him now i live in town and tashka is the family dog, i dont have any decent pics of her on my comp tho shes v pretty tho! its crazy i work with animals every day but i never get bored with them! i want to get a beagle when i get a big house and there is new type of dog that looks like a wolf!!!! ooo!!! its crossed with a husky, german shepard and something else and it looks just like a wolf but with a loving family dog nature! ps that cat could kill....heehe... the wee smudgen!! bless! m x
  3. why r u guys(mainly jake the ape) so botherd about t-cake saying that cat in mosh is hot? im not! if u look back u will c that i said her as well! he jokes about that kinda thing but thats tom! hes not going to cheat on me, lie to me cuz he is unlike most other guys (and he hate cheating)! just relise he is having a laugh! soz for the wee rant! m x
  4. my drink would be - blue curacuo, banana liquer and lemonade (geko greko- is a made up name me n saz call it lol)! yum yum. that the only alcoholic drink i like.
  5. cutest customer (hmmm thats a hard one) T-cake! cutest bar staff: i dont really find any of the boys cute so it would have to be Cat!
  6. Hmmmm 1 - Tcake 2 - Tcake 3 - Saz, Lawalker, Rondon, girls not grey (coz tcake says) and Everyone! x x
  7. so its better to put the animal through a major operation and lots of pain and stress. and all that u really need to do is to just clip there nails every couple of weeks even less sometimes!! hmm i wonder about that one!! yeah so sum cats might not put up with it then take them to the vets and spend a fiver to get it done! if u get a cat used to these things, brushing, nail clipping and general handling it can make life alot easyer but alot of owners dont relise that!
  8. oh and yes de-clawing is crule cuz there is no reason to it!!!
  9. heehe well that what i do at my work! im a vet nurse and we get cats in appalling condition and there coats are so matted it is an act of cruelty in itself!!!! so the best thing for the poor cat is to shave all there hair off and let them re grow it. its stupid owners who get longer haired cats and dont relise they are high maintance and leave them to get all matted and sore before they do anything about it. tho i have to admit it is so funny to see them with no hair - although i give them a little dignity and give them a lil coat left on there body, the teddy bear look lol! its probably a relief for the cats to get the coat off! poor wee cats!
  10. Dreams are so funny and weird!! i have these random dreams that im franticly packing and im ushally getting on a plane.....but its a totally diffrent scene every time,,,,but im always shoving my stuff in my bag and worried ill miss the plane or ill forget something. i often re pack and re pack. its very strange and i wake up totally agitated!
  11. doofus

    I <3 tcake

    awww a whole thread about t-cake!! hehee yeah he may be lil but hes sizeable where is counts lol!! we cant c the pic that was posted btw but its all good i know hes damn hot!!!!! this thread is v random!
  12. Fantastic! ive bought my ticket!! looks like it will be an ace night!!!well chuffed sugarcult are playing here!!! good line up too! mx
  13. aw no way! my boyfriend thought the void were fantastic when we saw them ages ago!! havent been able to c them play since! we will have to try and come on wed then!!! best of luck for the future guys! ps i lived in Edin for a wee bit and the music scene just isnt as good as aberdeen!! but maybe i just didnt discover it properly so it could be ace! m x
  14. tom: give us a couple of days to think about it. do u know anyone who will pay cash? m x
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