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  1. This is good research material, me and a mate at work are organising and 'emo theme' night out for the colleagues!! Soo many stars and stripes to be worn...soo cool!
  2. Aww man...they'll be awesome!! hmmm....night before download...prolly best to miss it likes!!
  3. A really wanna go and see her!!
  4. Going around Europe for a month with rhino, plans at the moment are sketchy but much fun and hopefully beer festivals to be visited. Its gonna be early-mid july! After Download of course which is like a wee holiday in itself really!! woop! Gonna be an ace year likes!
  5. First time reading this thread, Proof was a legendary rapper. His stuff was quality, but it seems like being a rapper/hip hop artist and being involved in shoot outs and/or being murdered go hand in hand. Soo much wasted talent as its been said before. R.I.P
  6. All lies! Primus is the answer....anyhoo, trying times. Thats all it is, Lester said it best with 'keep busy', Christ, thats all my rents have said to me recently. P.S Don't let the bastards get you down.
  7. Awww...gonna have to get me this CD! Heard it being talked about alot on the radio, have lost the albums that I had, but if this one has Bartender and the Thief' then I'm sold!!
  8. Totally agree! Soo fine likes...and its bang in the middle of town so all is good, and you know your gonna get ace food! I've never heard a bad word about it. Good choice!
  9. I remember walking up to you (catherine) and saying something like 'I recognise your eye' in drummonds when I wasn't the full oatcake.
  10. Since the AUBL days, thinking back, logan wolverine, tinkerbell, 5pointe0, rhino....aww... anyhoo!! Yeah about 5 yrs now...ok, maybe 4, or not...or maybe... Oh yeah, and the point, I came on here after being directed by a member of Flight 19, I believe. And just never left...I used to be 'stacey', 'scott', and prolly a few others....at some point.
  11. confession

    Pearl Jam Astoria

    No way! Didn't think they went on sale for a whiley yet! Thought I had ages to get my arse into gear. Buggar.
  12. Had a blast when I saw them at the Music Hall ages ago! Was such a good stage show aswell. Yeah I know what you mean, Gainsville Rock City always makes me wanna dance. Fookin Ay!
  13. Ok ok...PM'd you. I just want a couple for the cheese factor they'd bring to the night... oh no!! Just remembered Mr. Boombastic too! by shaggy please... bugger. so unorganised...
  14. Got a big favour to ask whoever the DJ will be that night!? Its my boifday and I want a hellagood night out! Was wondering if I could request a couple of songs for the night...if a playlist aint been drawn up or anything, I have no idea how you dj's work...so posting this will may or may not make me look like a complete tard...indeed. Let me know!! Just about the music request, no comments on me being an arse...ta!
  15. Dunno if I can definately go for sure but I cannot bloomin wait so I'm gonna have to! Hot flyer! been so long since the last one...! Need to get the next day off work...yay!! ...and 'five years' I haven't thought this about anyone in a long long time but you really need a slap. Just speaking my mind, sure you'll understand. ...singing starfish, I don't think I've ever met you, but you've been on here for years! I bet i've come accross all stalker type...
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