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RnB / Bruce Millars Repair Services


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Guest neil ex

i hate rnb they're a bunch of snobs, i don't ever go into either shop, but i prefer bruce millars

both shops are fairly expensive though

there is a sound control in dundee

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Guest DustyDeviada

I'm prepared to be corrected on this, but I think the guy who used to do R&B's repairs died last year.

They now have his nephew or something doing them, but they take ages. I put a guitar in and it took over a month to come back.

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I had problems with a blown output transformer in my Marshall head. R&B took about a month to get a new transformer (common part) from Marshall and have their "offsite engineer" fit it. It then lasted about a grand total of 40 minutes playing time before blowing the HT fuse, which it had never done before in 2 years of playing since new. R&B replaced the fuse and told me "these things happen", and I went away somewhat distrustful of their repair but assured by them it was ready to rock. Practising the following night in Tom's for a gig in the Lemon Tree, and amp dies again. I put it back to them in a panic needing it for the gig, but this time the transformer has gone again. I then call Marshall and am told they will happily take it for repair, so I have R&B send it to them. A month goes by, I hassle R&B some, they tell me Marshall are very busy. I phone Marshall and they tell me that they dispatched it the previous week, fixed and tested for a week by them. They also tell me that they re-valved it for me, and that they have done it as a warranty repair, despite the amp being just over 2 years old. This was because I'd written a rather narky and pissed off letter to their customer services department telling them what had happened with R&B and that I was considering selling the amp and buying a Mesa! I then hassle R&B more, and they say "Oooh, it is here, actually". When I go to pick it up they tell me that they're only charging for the carriage on the amp because of the previous repair they'd done (70!) and that Marshall had fixed it for free as a favour to them!!!! I took the amp, told them I'd already spoken to Marshall who had told me they'd fixed it because of the trouble I'd detailed in my letter to them, and told them I would not be using their shop ever again.

Amp has been great and never missed a beat since. It has a little more edge and body to the sound too.

FYI, if you phone Marshall and speak to their servicing people, they will happily arrange a courier to pick the amp up from your work or wherever and take it down to them. Once they've done the job they'll courier it to wherever you want.

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Guest Scott 5FD

you could try these guys:

Granite Rock Guitars Ltd

Repair Price List

Set-up - 25

Level & Reprofile Frets - 40

Fit Pick-Up (supplied by customer) - 15

Custom Wiring, charged on time basis

Min. charge -_10__ No job to small!

More services will be added later, such as refrets, resprays and custom made pickups!

(Customer supplies strings)

All repair jobs are guaranteed for 30 days unless otherwise stated. For more information or to book your guitar or bass in contact Andy Slater - Tel: 07092034554

Email: graniterockguitars@hotmail.com


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Guest stuartmaxwell

i agree with frosty on this one

i just put my strat into neil at pro sound to get it set up and have some delicious pick ups on it and it worked a lot cheaper than the big two

rnb are cunts, they have treated me badly in the past with repairs and lost my footswitch for my amp

bruce millars im sure may be ok,

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Guest mylegionsscream2
Originally posted by Mouse:

R & B are good but Bruce Millers take fucking ages and aren't that reliable....

hey i agree brucies do take fucking ages

and R&B rule

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Originally posted by Frosty Jack:

Go to Prosound Music on Holburn St. Mainly a drum shop, but I believe they've just poached Neil from Bruce Millers to do guitar repairs. They're a new company so will more than likely do you a good deal and good service. Just down from the Malt Mill. Phone 211311.

If they've got Neil from Bruceys then I'd definatley recomend this place, he is one guy who certainly knows his stuff

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i recomend neither shop they are both shite!

Bruce millers had my guitar for a month to fix a broken input jack which then broke the folowing week

R&B took 9 months to get a new neck for my guitar after telling me it would be there in 3 weeks (and then charged me another 30 carrige)

Bruce millers lost my broken foot switch did a shody job fixing it and gave it back to me damaged and covered in rust! then they refused to replace it so i got a big scary man to go in an say it wasn't acceptable to that twat of a manager, then they took a further 12 months to get one for me!

go to America it would probably be quicker easier and cheaper!

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