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O.C.D. album release, Elgin, 12/3/05


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I'm just posting this on the off-chance someone on these forums will be in Moray this weekend or will want to travel through...

O.C.D. (political, melodic, thrashy DIY hardcore punk!)

Saving The 9 (like Send More Paramedics/Slayer)

Julia's Shadow (like Biffy Clyro)

Boleskine (like Megadeth/Down)

Oddball's Heroes (like Blondie!!)

Pinefield Community Hall, Pinefield Industrial Estate, Elgin (see map at www.ocdpunk.tk)

2 for tickets from Sound and Vision, 3 at the door - includes copy of O.C.D's new 11-track album "Obviously Corporate Dummies" on cassette tape!! (how '80s - that's the idea)

Doors open at 7pm - should all be over in time for last buses home.

It looks like it'll be great fun! Come along and see what us backward Moray hicks are trying to do!

Sadly, you can't take your own drink into the hall, and you can't smoke weed in the hall... :down:


Cans of beer for 50p, anyone? Anyone want to get drunk for way under 5?

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I wanna see Drunk Dave too! Great fun.

Dangerfields on 10th of June??? Quality. That'll be an early 18th birthday present for me if it goes ahead. :cheers:

Still, this is the last time I'll be on here until the gig... is anyone definitely coming to the gig to take advantage of the half-price drink offer?

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April 11th in Glasgow is with Atomgevitter. day after our last gig of the tour with the ATOM, but I think im gonna stay down and see that. Atomgevitter 11 days in a row. ACE!

Tonights its with Wardead which is Paul and Leos form Afterbirth/Social Insecurity/Beergut 100's new band, should be ace. Zina and Matt doing vocals. Crazy!

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