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  1. the matches - the used but even shitter skindred - didn't like em at first but by the end i REALLy enjoyed them, especially the singer cradling the keyboard at the end. Reel Big Fish - awesome, played all the songs i wanted to hear (apart from that operation Ivy cover!) and I thoroughly enjoyed them, the only song i didn't enjoy was "fire".
  2. punchy

    Capdown Vinyl: Who wants some?

    i said i'd have one as i'm sure you'll remember
  3. yes he was that twat, can't say i like that misfits era. Early Danzig e.g. Static Age and the superstar lineup is good, i don't like Graves at all.
  4. what a fucking brilliant album! IF YOU SEE KAYE, TELL HER I LOVE HER OK!!!!!
  5. punchy

    The Queers - New Thread

    Johnny and Sean will probably come and we'll drag some others along i'm sure....and technically we're not from the highlands, its moray!
  6. punchy

    The Queers - New Thread

    I Must Be There!!!!
  7. punchy

    come to this or die....

    tickets are now availabe in sound and vision, elgin.
  8. punchy

    come to this or die....

    mwa ha ha...I so hope this happens!
  9. punchy

    come to this or die....

    you're playing the spectrum centre! jesus, we played that in february and that place is like 5X the size of drakes....when we played there was certain comments made about emo folk and they took it very badly, it was so funny! YES THIS GIG WILL BE BRUTAL....and you may see Filthpact eating toasties...Mr Teabags loves the idea!
  10. Be there or BE SQUARE!!!! any questions...fire away!
  11. NO!!!!! the bastards pulled out! I think i'll come to the one on the 9th though if i can find a place to stay and i have the sufficient funds! anyways i'll definately be at the aberdeen show!