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Rise Against @ QMU???


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whilst looking for tickets for the alexisonfire/rise against tour, i found tickets for rise against playing the QMU on the 6/5/5.....i thought they were supporting alexisonfire at the garage?????

turns out it IS the gig everyone was talking about....but rise Against are headlining. YAY! but it's at the QMU....yay!

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queen margaret union in glasgow. pretty good venue and if you've got a student card and are over 18 you can get back in after the gig to drink in the bar upstairs.

Also, if you have a student card you get to skip the queue! It's genius!

(Well, we did at KsE/ Shadows Fall anyway. Rock.)

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the queen margaret union is one of the two unions for the university of glasgow, out in the west end. because it's a union and a private members club, you have to either be a member to enter or join on the night with a special temporary membership which lets you in for the gig. if you're a member of any university or college union which has a reciprocal agreement with the QMU, you only need to show your membership to that union to get in. If you go to a gig at the QMU and there's a massive queue outside, the chances are the people are waiting to fill in the temporary membership sheets (which only takes 2 minutes) and you can skip past them if you're a student. students at aberdeen university, RGU and i think aberdeen college are all cool for this handy queue jump.

as for the venue, it's a 900 capacity place which has an awesome sound and a fantastic atmosphere. nirvana have played there, as have the black crowes, the chili's and a great number of other bands right up to killswitch engage, TBS and rooster! bar prices are good for a venue and they go down once the gig is finished so as has been mentioned, it's worth hanging around afterwards and heading up to jims bar for a few hundred pints!

and if you're a board member, you get free guestlist places too :D

and there's my advertising done for the day!



Hon. Vice President, QMU

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i get one guest for me and (conveniently) so does my lady and since the last album she got was 'allow us to be frank' by westlife, her interest in rise against was minimal! now i would definately have hooked you guys up but i'm afraid that before the entertainments convenor even knew that the gig was on, jamesy weapon and jason had been added to the guest list.

any new gigs that are announced tho, just give me a holler and i'll see what i can do.



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having friends on the board certainly is a bonus....i got to see Rooster for free.....wow! Im so SCEEEEEEEEEEEENE!!!!

may i also add that, gigs aside, the QMU is also home to the one and only big wednesday night pub quiz which will be hosted for one final time by the one and only spoonie next wednesday the 16th of march! any glasgow peeps, come along, it will probably be the best night of your life!!!!! really!

:D xx

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