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experimental music showcase #3, with the locals!

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this is gonna be a good one, featuring local fopp-greats andy le kipp, patrick keenan, and steve morisson...should be mucho bueno! :band: here's the info:

hi everyone,

i'd like to invite you the third experimental music showcase thursday, march 17th. it is held in the student union of aberdeen university at hilton campus. doors open at 7pm, and music starts at 7:30 sharp. and of course it's free.

visit: http://www.billthompson.org/experimentalmusicshowcase3.htm

for more information and directions.

this month we're featuring an installation by james wyness called "Hannah Throwing Stones". the work functions both as a piece of contemporary electronic music in just intonation as well as an immersive installation over 8 channels.

this is followed by local experimental artists andy le kipp and patrick keenan peforming a live electronic set (analogue and laptop) against a backdrop of video by local visual artist steve morisson.

and we round out the evening with a final set by james wyness performing three short works for electronics. he writes: "The first, "Dislocation", was recently selected for performance at the fifth Pixxelpoint festival held in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. The remaining

two are new untitled works in progress, remixes of "Cut Glass Bowls" (2004) which has seen performances in the UK, Canada and Italy.

we hope to see you there. please email if you have any questions,



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argh it would be on the same night as our gig at Snafu!!! and its not just across the road at Peacocks either where we coulda popped across! boo!

(its me bill' date=' sharon!)[/quote']

yeah, i was really disappointed about that for the same reason (you coming, and me making your all's gig as well)...but we've already rescheduled it once and just can't do it again...damn! in a way it's a good sign though, that there are two really cool shows on the same night in aberdeen, xchalhyXXY, sorry, that was me choking on my own modesty :puke: (but it is a good show, and i'm not playing this time so i can say it!)


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Guest davetherave

Experimental music night

Look forward to sharing a beer or two and enjoying some new aural experiences tonight (glad I can spell and that didnt get written as oral :) )

Top o the day to ya all


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it's tonight, it's tonigh!!!

thanx dave, nice one...

and yes, it's tonight, come on in, top of building G, student union (same building that say's "her majesties theater" at hilton campus (also having a show)...

lots of drama by the way...came to set up at 10am, electricity was out for the whole campus..so we moved everything to another venue across town, got the call that it was open again, moved everything back, and then the porters wouldn't let us in till now!

BUT...it's all cool now and should be a great show...hope to see some of you all here,



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