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forthcoming DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR show: 02.04.05

The Ghost Of Fudge

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i got a call on saturday nigt to confrirm the mighty deadloss will be opening for electric eel shock and hot mangu at the lemon tree on sat 2nd april. onstage around 9.30, it was suggested to me.

this gig will be notable for the freakin' quality of the live acts onshow (who, let's face it, have all mastered the jumping around while playing guitar type of stage act), and for the fact, errr, our lead guitarist will be in nice at the time. the place.

so, errr, welcome back to the fold mister jonny lucifer on bass geetar, and, errr, let me also introduce our bassist and sometime drummer, james, as he plays guitar for deadloss for the first time (excluding the acoustic stuff). it's so complicated!

so, it's a fiver or something, and we'll see you there.

:) xxx

p.s. rachel...............

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i don't imagine we'll have much difficulty finding a place or the time. but a drummer? waz is coming up for the gig, but won't be up before then. we could possibly rehearse immediatley before the gig, but i'm not sure that's a good idea.

we could just take a few beers down to exile one night and practice without drummer.

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She has pick ups in her cello now! We could make it sound as distorted and fucked up as all the other instruments.

It's true...

It sounds quite crazy with a lil distortion.

I tried it out yesterday...

And aye' date=' I'll play.

Provided I get another Deadloss badge for my hat again.

I lost the first one.


Check t'awesomeness:


Emo poses for metal music? Poor show...


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