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At Least It Gives People Something PROPER To Be Up In Arms About...


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Courts in Italy have jailed a member of a metal band for the rather grisly murders of his band's singer and two women.

Andrea Volpe' date=' a member of the 'does exactly what it says on the tin' named rockers Beasts Of Satan, has been banged up for 30 years for the killings, while an accomplice, said to be the band's "gravedigger" got 16 years.

The heinous crime took place one moonlit night when the band stabbed to death 19-year-old Chiara Morino, apparently believing she was the incarnation of the Virgin Mary. Her boyfriend, Fabio Tollis, was the singer in Beasts Of Satan, and was beaten to death when he tried to stop the ritual killing.

Last year the band's guitarist was banged up for shooting his girlfriend through the mouth in a similar ritual.[/quote']

Oh dear. Just when you thought Italy was a romantic country...

EDIT: This isn't meant to trivialise the situation at all - it just strikes me that people will blame Manson for the slightest thing but will the press pick up en masse on this like they would if it was certain other music stars?

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