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Graph Tech Saddles and other products?


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Anyone use/used these? I have a Graph Tech Nut and String Trees on my new Telecaster. Thinking about perhaps getting a nut for my troublesom PRS SE. What do people think of them?

Does anyone have any other tricks for keeping strings moving smoothly through nut?

P.S I am selling some saddles for telecaster in wanted and for sale. Brand new and boxed.


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rubbing the grooves of the nut with a pencil whenever you change the strings is good...probs doesnt look that great but im told it does the job...

that is basically a quick cheap way of doing the same job as the graphtec saddles, you are just adding a bit of graphite to where the strings move to lubricate it all, teh graphtec stuff is just a more permanent way to do it...

it shouldnt look any different from normal, unless you are useless at colouring in and end up doodling all over the rest of your guitar... you only need to put graphite where the strings touch remember

as for the graphtech stuff, i have no idea how good/bad it really is as i have never used it personally, seems to get good reviews though


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for using a trem a graphtech nut would probably be the best permanent way about it, as it would be a permanent method, whereas lube or putting pencil lead (ie graphite) in the nut grooves arent permanent methods, so you would need to redo it with every string change to keep the nut smooth

if you are having trouble with the strings sticking in the nut, it might be because the slots arent cut as well as they should be, so maybe getting the nut recut could help alleviate any problems. a badly cut nut can be a pretty common source of tuning problems, especially with trems


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