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Gang Of Four

lorraine kelly's toe

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If its after the 10th.... I'm hot and up for it.

I'll see if I get these magic plastic cards through the post... then... I'm def up for it.

Depending on ticket price... I'll buy your ticket, baby.... if you provide the wheels, yo.

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There could be a deal in that actually, now im onto super economy cars rather than gutsy whore fuel drinking cars, a deal could be done. we should talk, i could get us a place to stay in manchester aswell me thinks.......

This is aimed at sharon and mini.......

you all love me though.....

i have proof......

does the dot thing get annoying?.....

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... the dots?... like I always do?... yes.... it... kinda.... can... be ... annoying.

That will never stop me....

God bless gang of four.

Give me a date for it, yo!

The best thing about 1964 was the bikini....

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I shall be in contact over the coming week or so.....i'll talk to mini and shit aboot it.....by the way' date=' check out the 'fucking absymal' post on the next page, i gave you a solid 10/10 burn on it last night......[/quote']

Your ass crack makes me cry.

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Yeah I heard about this ages ago on Pitchfork. I'm not sure I'll go. You kids knock yourselves out though.

Medichi - You're right. Gang of Four are the classic example of a band who should have stopped ages ago. It's sad that the same band could be so good, but turn so bad. This tour is the original line up however, and Entertainment and Solid Gold are superb albums.

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