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craig deadenstereo

Yamaha SG 1300T for sale

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Yamaha SG1300T for sale.

This is a mid 80's Yamaha SG. All black, with black hardware. Mahogany one piece body with ebony fretboard. 2 humbucking pickups (very good pickups actually) which are coil-tappable with a push/pull switch on the tone control.

The T stands for tremelo - it has a Yamaha own floyd style trem bridge on it, however I don't have the locking nuts or the bar for it.

The headstock has been cracked, but has been professionally repaired. I had the guitar in a local shop a couple of weeks ago and then tech said it didn't affect the guitar, and that someone had made a good job on the repair.

As for condition - I'd call it "gigged", maybe 7.5/10. There are a quite a few dings, and some places were the paint has cracked, however these are on the back or sides of the guitar, and none are very big. From more than about 2 feet it looks fine.

It's quite a striking looking guitar and pretty rare.

Reviews Here




Here's the crack in the headstock:


This song was recorded with the guitar - Axis of Evil

The part that comes in at 01:26 was recorded with the coil taps.

Looking for 250.


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I think that it's long gone. Chris will have a heart attack if it's still kicking about.

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