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Hog sells his soul for a song!


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Not quite lol.Thinking biggggggggg. So, I sold my Xbox for recording time. Going through my coin box for recording time etc. If anyone heard my solo song "Neofluxicide" then Im wanting to make it an Element 106 song. I reckon its the best song I have written for a long time (the online version is a rough as fuck clip)

Been gauging interest from people who play Orchestral instruments and I think there will be an outro with strings, layered keyboards, samples etc.

Artwork- Well I chat to Travis Smith regularly who has done artwork for Opeth, Strapping Young Lad and loads of other bands. Either him or a guy who is also ace called Geoff Rousellet from Paris.

Im gonna do this once....... so may as well go all out and do it properly!!!!

P.S if anyone wants to do backing vox or strings, PM me



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