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Michael Marra & La Reno Amps @ The Santuary Queens Cross Church


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thats right folks The Santuary Queens Cross Church makes its debut on Aberdeen Music

message board.

interesting music promotions are exceedingly happy about bringing an evenings entertainment in a magical & unusual venue.

Sat 27th Nov 04

Doors 7.30pm start 8.00pm

Tickets 10 from the box office @ The Music Hall

featuring the very wonderful

Michael Marra (playing the in-house grand piano)

(i could list a page of credits for him, but anybody that duets with Patti Smith @

the inaugural Burns festival a year and a half ago, must be the business.........believe me)

& Le Reno Amps

a duo with quick wit & songs to match, that are of genuine charm & humour, at times

described as alt country meets acoustic punk. They defected to Glasgow to come all the way home & end up in the LISTS 50 new talents. Watch them go upward in 2005

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That was a great night - I'm not a fan of churches but twas a very nice venue, lovely acoustics and two acts that seemed to fit together much more than I reckoned they would...

M Marra is the Dundonion Half Man Half Waits!

After leaving the church we saw some jazz band covering Teen Spirit in a coffee shop.


PS just a pity MM didnt do "God is in the house" or would that have been cheesy....

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