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Singing competition auditions for Open Mic UK 2016 are announced today!


Open Mic UK have announced their competition auditions dates for Glasgow for 2016! The Open Mic UK music competition auditions will be hosted at 15 regions across the UK and the competition will be searching to find the UK’s best singers, singer songwriters, rappers and vocal groups!


It’s a chance for aspiring singers and musicians to perform to Music industry judges who are at every stage of the music competition from the auditions to the Grand Final. Judges include judges that work for the three major record labels (Universal, Warner and Sony) in attendance at last year’s competition, as well as national radio DJs, regional press and BBC Introducing, with judges getting more prestigious as the competition progresses.

For more information and to book your Glasgow audition! Go to the singing competition Open Mic UK 2016 website!



Saturday 17th September TouchBase, 43 Middlesex Street, Kinning Park, Glasgow, G41 1EE.




The Open Mic UK music competition auditions are allocated on a first-come, first served basis, audition places are already filling fast so get your audition booked now to avoid disappointment!


You can enter Open Mic UK 2016 by clicking here!

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It was "Live & Unsigned", I presume it's similar.



Alright mate,

Whether you enter this competition is really up to you but I can give you some info on what it entails since we entered it last year.

Ok first off, we were "selected" for an audtion at Glasgows Royal Concert Hall , which you will agree sounds very grand and if you tell your mates, aunties and Grannies that you are playing there they will probably be impressed.

However the truth is you will probably find it is a hired room in the basement or somewhere .

In our case it was a small room just of a big Hall where some wedding show was being staged. We know this because we got lost trying to find the room and had to walk through this event.

Anyway we eventually made our way to through the hoards of young women whom we had initially mistakingly thought had come to see us, and arrived at the reception area.

Oh I should have said at this point it was 8 am in the morning . Now the last time I saw a band playing at 8 am in the morning was The Beatles rehearsing in the Movie "Let it be" and we all know what happened to them shortly after that.

Here we were joined by hunners of young hopefulls and who proceeded to wait patiently for their turn to shine. After a few hours had passed, and a few people had passed out having had no food, since none was available. ( make a note have a hearty breakfast before you arrive ) We were called through to the audition room. No sorry it wasnt the audition room it was actually a long queue which we had to stand in for another wee while, until eventually we got led before the judging panel.

Now despite being informed prior to this that all equipment by way of amplification would be provided. It turned out that there was only one guitar amp. As we have two guitarists which our application form made quite clear,this gave us a problem. Never mind we were told one of you can just mime a bit.!!!!

Before we played one of the judges asked us if we wrote our own songs, eh yes we replied. "How many" he barked, Dont really know" we said, "Ive done some and Tom has done some and then thers lots which we havent" ...Just give us a figure he demanded.

"32" we said which was a completed random number , but he seemed happy with that and so we played.

After that we returned to the waiting area for what seemed like an very long time.

Now something strange started to happen, as the morning wore on acts who had already auditioned were getting called in no particular order and all without exception were getting told they had got through to the next stage. They were all getting handed nice glossy folders containing some stuff. Many folks where doing high Fives and jumping in the air a hooping and a hollarin when told this news. Bootcamp here they come.

Since we wernt in this group we assumed we had failed to get through .Then after a while we got called over and got told we had got through as well in fact I dont think anyone got rejected , everyone was a winner oh happy days.

We even got a shiny new folder as well. We opened the folder and then it dawned on us what was going on.

The folder contained a contract and some information re the next stage.

It also contained 50 odd tickets for this event which we were expected to sell to our friends for 6 a piece. This would entitle our friends to attend a gig at a large Glasgow venue in which we would be playing, yeehah, for all of 3 minutes since there would be a lot of other bands on the bill who had also been given 50 odd tickets to sell and there wasnt time for any more songs.

It became clear that those audtions were just a means to ensure that a large amount of tickets were distributed to as many acts as possible.

Maybe some acts did get rejected at this stage, I didnt see any.

We declined to sign the contract and passed on the next stage.

If that doesnt bother you then go ahead, if you think you can bring a large crowd and take them round the country with you as you play the various heats then go ahead, The bands that can do this usually end up in the final strangely enough.

And the Prize, well a "20,000 -30,000 recording deal wouldnt cover the food bill for a major recording project, and If youd asked me who has actually went on to greater things as a result of this contest I couldnt tell you.

If it wasnt for Mr Robert Knight earlier posting I wouldnt have known who actually won this thing last year. The fact that he knew this is a matter of concern ; )

I think the advice most guys on here have given you is sound. However maybe our experience is not representative and sometimes its better to make your own mistakes.


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The Terms and Conditions (fees, deposits, agreeing to contracts that you don't see up front) make pretty ugly reading and the fact that they have categories for 'under 13s' and '13-15 yrs' is grim.

The list of "Judges" reads like a who's-who of talentless PR hacks and/or wee shite-baguettes like Tom Deacon.  Someone called Simon Keegan shamelessly and without a hint of irony lists "Talent Competition Judge" as his main claim-to-fame.


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