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Remember Remember, the Fifth of November, at The Lemon Tree


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Nae bad.


Constructive feedback:


1. "A capella" is two words.


2. The formatting is a bit off in the second last paragraph - the font increases in size midway through.


3. I don't understand your comparison to fireworks in the final paragraph. I understand why it's there, but I don't understand how it in any way relates to the performance you saw.

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Cheers for the feedback


Adam Easy Wishes - fair points all. I was maybe trying to be a bit too clever at the end.


Doctor Acula - thats what I thought about it as well if Im honest. But it was an entertaining enough evening so I hope that came across clear enough.


I will be at the Racing Glacier, Uniform gig at Drummonds on the 25th, looking forward to that.



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Your paragraphs need to be longer and the extended metaphor about fireworks was kinda laboured but otherwise I got a decent feel for what the gig was like. The advice I've been given about live reviews is to make them less static - don't say things like "this band came on" "this band came on", review it like you would a play or film in three parts. 

Good, though

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