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  1. Cheers for the feedback Adam Easy Wishes - fair points all. I was maybe trying to be a bit too clever at the end. Doctor Acula - thats what I thought about it as well if Im honest. But it was an entertaining enough evening so I hope that came across clear enough. I will be at the Racing Glacier, Uniform gig at Drummonds on the 25th, looking forward to that. Marc
  2. Hi all I went to the Lemon Tree on bonfire night to see Pronto Mama supported by Alphas and The Harmonica Movement. See link to my review below. http://57north.org/news/review-pronto-mama-harmonica-movement-alphas Constructive feedback appreciated. Rgds Marc
  3. Hi Trikelops. Is the Sunday afternoon blues jam back on at Daviot at all?
  4. Hi Mike. Have sent you an email with a couple of pieces. Rgds Marc
  5. That's really sad, totally understand, condolences to all. Much appreciated letting me know fella. See u another time. Marc
  6. Nice one, cheers. Will the format be 12 or 8 bar jams, or is there a couple of songs I can look up beforehand? Looking forward to it
  7. Brilliant. Is there a bass amp there? I can bring a wee 30W Laney RB2 if that would help?
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