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FOR SALE: Apple iPhone 5, 16Gb, excellent condition, unlocked

Adam Easy Wishes

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Yeah, only selling due to upgrade.


It's a few years old, probably three? Couldn't tell you exactly. If you can bank transfer me the cash I'll pick up the tab to ship to Poland - how does that sound?


Let me double check it with her. This could be the quickest sale in Aberdeen Music history.


Trust it still running at decent speed etc? Not too laggy with newer versions of IOS? Battery life still OK?

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Yeah, I certainly didn't notice it as being 'slow' (only when browsing when the internet connection was poor), but there's obviously a difference between it and my new phone, so difficult to say how much newer iOS versions have affected it. Wouldn't have called it a problem at all though.


Battery life probably has suffered a little bit, just with time and use, but no midday charges needed or anything - more noticing the level was looking low by the end of the day and needing charged every night.

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