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band seeks guitarist after summer

The Ghost Of Fudge

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band seeks guitarist after summer -

semi-legendary punk rock combo DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR, now in their 18th year give or take, seek yet another guitarist. the current incumbent, rass (formerly also of Black Atom) is moving to Edinburgh after 8 years service. while we wish him well, this has buggered up our plans to conquer the world this year.


our new guitarist should be 18+, not adverse to playing songs from the extensive back catalogue, perhaps able to write a tune (mark, formerly of glassman/dead heirs currently writes all the new material), almost certainly capable of yelling some backing vocals, and not a shoegazer.

we, in turn, promise to be pretty undemanding. we try to rehearse once a week (we have a member who works on the rigs, so this is pretty fluid), and we play perhaps 10 times a year. less is more. people usually seem to enjoy us.

we have a 20 track 'greatest hits' coming out next month, and we'll be in the studio soon recording our ten newest tracks for release at a later date. after that, we're on hiatus until we get the new guy trained up.

would you like to be the new guy? please say you would

here's our FB page: www.facebook.com/pages/Deadloss-MF-Superstar/373839512637574

here's our bandcamp page: http://deadlosssuperstar.bandcamp.com/

and here's a live set from a few weeks ago (you'll be the guitarist on the left, as the camera looks at the stage):


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It won't embed because you're using the shortened link (presumably retrieved by right clicking on the video and selecting 'give me url' or whatevs).


If you open up the video in YouTube (not from an embedded video) and copy the url from the address bar, it should embed okay by just copying it in here. Like this: 


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