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Venue Needed


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I've been asked to organise a small (50 - 100 people) private gig on either March 26th, 27th or 28th.


The Blue Lamp and Cellar 35 are unavailable on those dates and I've been unable to get a response from the Malt Mill or The Tunnels.


Does anyone know of any pubs that I could contact? - the gig ideally needs to be in Aberdeen, preferably somewhere central.


Thanks in advance.

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What about the old Dr drakes? They were on here a while back in one of the forums saying it was available?!? Or number 7 on know my street was just on saying it was available?!?


I just re read my post what is know my street?!? I clearly meant Crown Street.  I'll put it down to being early in the morning and predictive typing on the phone!!! 

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