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  1. Hi Jayne, Some of the questions in your survey assume that the respondent has already attended lessons at your school.
  2. There's a guy from Cumbernauld selling one on a Facebook closed group that I'm a member of. I could pass on your email address if you like?
  3. Cheers fella - I'll sound them out. PS - is Number 7 not a lap-dancing club?
  4. I've been asked to organise a small (50 - 100 people) private gig on either March 26th, 27th or 28th. The Blue Lamp and Cellar 35 are unavailable on those dates and I've been unable to get a response from the Malt Mill or The Tunnels. Does anyone know of any pubs that I could contact? - the gig ideally needs to be in Aberdeen, preferably somewhere central. Thanks in advance.
  5. You snooze you lose, folks Sorry, sold to the man with the SAAB 9-5 Estate
  6. Hi Scott, Are you mic'ing everything up or just vocals and kick drum? We run a Yamaha mixer through Mackie SRM450's and found that if you keep the speakers set at "Unity Gain" the top-dead-centre setting (should be marked with a "0" and have a physical "click"), keep your channel gain setting down on the mixer and control it all through the sliders, then you shouldn't get too much trouble with feedback. Also, your mics must be positioned behind your front-of-house speakers, otherwise it'll feedback like a bastard. Bring your levels upgradually and remember that harmonics and clarity are better than volume and gain. Behringer mixers are basically functional clones of the Mackies and are very much a hit or a miss regarding quality. I personally don't rate the newer Class-D Mackies either, though they make good stage monitors - but not as good as the old Laney one I sold you yonks ago I'd be inclined to invest in a better mixer - I've had Yamaha, Peavey, Mackie, Behringer and Soundcraft mixers over the years and I'd say that the first two were the best.
  7. Don't look for logic and rationale on this site Good luck with the search.
  8. There's a place in the Indoor Market that may be able to help it's just as you go in the main door from the Market Street end.
  9. The H&K is now off the market.
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