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Mount Eerie Band (The Microphones) Plus The Kitchen Cynics


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Interesting Music are honoured to be hosting another very special show & one of only 6in the UK with:-
FB Event here https://www.facebook.com/MeltYourselfDown#!/events/550130538344133/

Mount Eerie & Band
The Kitchen Cynics
The Tunnels 1
Wed 22nd May 13
Doors 8pm
Advance tickets available here http://www.wegottickets.com/event/208147
Door Tax £9

Mount Eerie & Band (K Records/Tomlab)
Ever since Phil Elverum of The Microphones launched his career with his now legendary release The Glow Pt 2 in 2001 people around the globe have been purring at the fantastic, often breath-taking out-put ever since. Change of name to Mount Eerie seemed to inspire further experimentation culminating in his two wonderful realeases in 2012 both diverse but both acknowleged as a work of supreme quality ranging from traditions of the land & his surrounding environment right through to black metal reference points. Those of us honoured to be present when Phil played a solo set in Dr Drakes about 8years ago know how special this will be. This show with have a four piece touring band comprising of associates from his early Microphones days onward.





(go see the message boards below the drownedinsound review...WOW just wow)

The Kitchen Cynics

Only one person in NE Scotland could possibly open this show, an artist who keeps creating music to inspire those lucky enough to hear it. Currently in "superb creative form" and gathering even more music locals to hear him & increasing attention further afield with this & his other music projects, IMP are delighted to have KC opening this special show


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This is tonight, delighted to say the advance tickets are gone & its cash on the door now, here's an update for those not connected to the FB event
The University of Aberdeen Student Gaudie newspaper have a wonderful preview of this event this week "Phil Elverum's music has a distinctive sound that has made him one of  the heroes of the independent music scene......This gig is an absolute must for any music lover".

Ashley Eriksson (krecs) is vocalist and keyboard player in the band LAKE and will release her new solo album this July on K Records. She's part of The Mount Eerie touring band & will play solo to open the show



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how close to selling out!?


Nah pre-sales have finished, its now upto walk-up on the night so it won't be a problem getting in.


shows have been going great on the tour & turnouts have been superb. Phil wanted to play Aberdeen after his first show at Drakes which was indeed very special...


I would hope we can attract well beyond 100 on the night

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It was a great gig.  I wasn't sure what to expect but it was a really enjoyable night.  Loud, impressive but not overbearing and with some real understated and tender moments as well.  Not all of it worked and I can't say I enjoyed the solo set at the start very much (nice tunes but really too sparse an arrangement with just the bass I think) but on the whole I really enjoyed Mount Eerie.


Was one of the best sets I've seen from Kitchen Cynics as well. Think Alan got the balance between structure and improv just right last night. 

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