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Mint Epiphone Emperor Swingster in Sunrise Orange


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For sale is a mint Epiphone Emperor Swingster in Sunrise Orange. This comes with all paperwork, new Gigbag and a Planet Waves circuit breaking lead. This guitar has great reviews including a Guitar Player Editors Pick and Total Guitar Best Buy Award. Think Brian Setzer or Gene Vincent and you get the idea of what this guitar is about.

I stay in the City center and people are welcome to come and play the guitar to see if its right for them. Any questions please ask.

Please make me some offers and don't be shy.

Below is some extra information but I recommend you do your own research.

Gibson website with specs and sounclips

Below is the Guitar Players

And some other video reviews:



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But you should really put a guide of what you're after. If you don't, people will just offer shite money for it.

You are forgetting what forum this is. People will see your perfectly reasonable asking price and make insultingly low offers anyway whilst being deadly serious it is not worth more than 10 percent of the value of a brand new one. Saying is useful for serious buyers to have a figure, just make sure you have room to haggle because people will always want to pay less. I've even had people agree a price then turn up with £20 less and try to haggle then

Anyway nice guitar. Hope you get it sold for a fair price.

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