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FREAKout night #1 -=- LIVE from dr drakes -=- This Saturday

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THATS RIGHT! The First ever FREAKout gig!

with Aberdeen all girl band NORMANS FETISH (thats right, baby!)

and Glasgows most kick ass hard rock band Daedalian (say it: day-dale-yun)

also - before there was anything THERE WAS THE VOID

PLUS!! a bunch of sick fucks by the name of THE HEXAGONAL PENSIONERS with an aim to make this gig the most FREAKY you've seen in a long time! and a new cd - which is funk to the max!

lots of Ugly Djing and lots more Ugly fun!

its going to be a good night - best line up ive seen this year - hope to see you there!

and if you cant be Freaky, you've been watchign too much of the O.C!

MMW 4 eva! :up: \\ronk//


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*Some other freak-inducing comment*


Just to plug my own band for a min:

The Void's standard drumming unit, the 'Bonham MkII' will not be functioning @ this gig, and in it's place, we have summoned the Grand Witch-doctor of Bruge, El Patricio. We were practicing last night and jamming grooves in a hectic 7/8 breakbeat. t'was actually cooler and more impressive to behold than it sounds, so watch out! We're gonna try and rival all the other bands for FREAKOUTy-ness, and then we can all feed off each others vibes, and then we'll all play really well, and then everyone'll get up and start dancing/freaking, and then it'l just get into a spiral of getting freakier, and freakier, and freakier, until it all turns into a big orgy of ecstatic (and alcohol-induced) freakin-out...

...or am I hyping this up too much? Nah! :partyboy:

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