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Speakers wanted.


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I have some spare Celestions, all 16 Ohm and all in good condition:

4x Celestion G12T-75 removed from a Marshall 1960 cab

1x Celestion Neodymium NeoDog removed from a Vox AC30 CC1

Give me a shout if any of them are of interest.


Thanks Pete, but, I dont like G12T-75's, & I need 8Ohm speakers for this project.


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I have 2 Electro~Harmonix branded Eminence 12" Musical Instrument speakers both 8 ohms impedance. They've have had very little use since new, maybe 4/5 years old, I put them in a rather crap home made cab. £60 for the pair, I'll keep the cab and turn it into a rabbit hutch or something.......

Interesting, Is there a model No. on them, so, I can check specs?

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