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  1. veldt666

    Good gear for sale

    P.M. sent
  2. veldt666

    Flynn Custom JTM45

    Hi, I'd like to try the Flynn head. I have a 65 Re Issue Twin I could trade? Thanks, G.B.
  3. veldt666

    For Sale. Gibson SG Standard

    2013 Model, ( Essentially, a 61 Re Issue, as same specs). In Natural burst, c/w, OHSC. 9/10 condition, Fitted with Seymour Duncan 59 neck & JB Bridge pick ups, (Coil tappable, via push / pull tone pots). £750.00 Get in touch, for, Pictures, or to try.
  4. veldt666

    Bare Knuckle 'The Mule'

    Ok, thanks, I need 4 conductor.
  5. veldt666

    Bare Knuckle 'The Mule'

    2 or 4 conductor?
  6. veldt666

    WTB:EHX Organ pedal

    Anyone got a C9 / B 9 they don't use?
  7. veldt666

    Singer/pianist/keys looking to join band

    Hi Jen, Are you fixed up with a band yet?
  8. veldt666

    Keyboard / Synth player wanted

    Bump, Still looking
  9. veldt666

    Keyboard / Synth player wanted

    Keyboard player required, preferably, with backing Vox. Own equipment, and transport are essential. For a band, currently working,(Pubs generally + occasional private gig), doing reworks of older pop / Rock & some recent tunes. Experience preffered, but anyone regardless of age,(Young or Old), will be considered, if a "Natural" musical ability is evident. No time waiting for someone to "Catch up" P.M. To discuss further, Thanks.
  10. veldt666

    T C Electronic Delay pedal

    Only selling, as it's an Unwanted gift. As new & boxed, c/w PSU. TC Electronic Flashback X 4 Delay / Looper. £120, (No Offer's)
  11. veldt666

    looking for P.A.

    1 X Pair o JBL:MR825's, (1 X 15 + Horn). £250 to you, David?
  12. veldt666

    Pick up's For Sale

    2 X Pair, Seymour Duncan, JB / Jazz, pick up set's. One Chrome, one Gold. Both 4 Conductor. Removed as upgraded pick up's, on both guitars. £100 Each pair.
  13. veldt666

    Strat Pick Up's

  14. veldt666

    wanted: new interface