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  1. Vox ac15 with alnico blue speaker for sale. Not used a lot. About 6 months old. Great condition £400 Jcm 800 2x12 combo 50w in good condition £700 Will listen to offers
  2. I have two marshall jcm 900 100w heads model 4100 from the 90s and a jcm 900 100w 2x12 combo for sale. Each of them for £400. Nothing wrong with them i am just downsizing. I also have a Marshall 4x12 cab from 1980s model 1960A £250 and vintage 1970s Marshall 4x12 cab £500 May consider PX
  3. I have two jtm45 combos for sale: Reissue in good condition £650 Handwired reissue bought as "B" stock ex display model from Peach guitars. As new condition with cover £1500 (willing to make loss to get sale). New £2700!
  4. Sorry just looking for cash. Pm me to discuss.
  5. Marshall jcm 800 2204 £750 Marshall jmp 50w combo £750 Marshall 1974x and matching cab £800 Marshall Bluesbreaker combo £700 Marshall jcm 900 100w head (original) £400 Marshall jcm 900 100w 2x12 combo £450 Marshall 1960a 4x12 £200 Marshall 1960a 4x12 from 1980s £300 Vintage Marshall 4x12 from 70s model 1982 £500 Fryette Power Station 2 attenuator £500
  6. Hello there. I play in oasis cover group "undercover oasis". We've been gigging in Aberdeenshire last couple of years. We're looking for more gigs and especially in Aberdeen. We're pretty good, sound like them but don't try and look like them. We're reasonably cheap too just now. Get in touch if u like. Cheers.
  7. 4 x 12 Jcm 800 cab version 1960a with g12t-75 speakers £300
  8. Original marshall jcm 900 head and matching 1960a cab for sale £600. Could sale separately.
  9. Sorry for the late reply. I'd be looking for £800 for the 1974x and cab. Pm if interested.
  10. Bump this. Keeping the bluesbreaker but still selling the jcm 800 and 1974x. These are top quality amps guys. Want to get these sold so fire in with offers.
  11. I have the following for sale. I won't put prices up but if u are interested pm me to discuss Marshall bluesbreaker combo reissue (jtm45 combo) 30w Marshall jcm 800 2204 50w Marshall 1974x handwired 18w combo and extension cab Marshall power brake attenuator.
  12. Marshall jcm 800 2204 £800 Marshall 1987x £800 Marshall 1960a 4x12 cab £200
  13. Marshall jcm 900 4100 100w head (original) £400 Marshall jcm 900 4102 100w 2x12 combo £350 Marshall 1960 4x12 £200 Blackstar HT5 combo £100
  14. Used but in good condition. Come and try if u like. 650 o.n.o
  15. Marshall bluesbreaker 650 Weber mass 100 attenuator 200 thd hotplate 16ohm 150 Welcome to try them out.
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