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Oct 4th - Mr Waits, thank you.

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Tom Waits Reveals Details of Next Album

Guest spots from Gordon, Maria, Mr. Hooper to round out the cast

John Herman reports:

The forthcoming new album from Tom Waits, Real Gone, now has a release date: October 4th. But watch out, Rahzel! According to the folks at Waits' label, Anti, the record will replace the legendary songwriter's piano with his own brand of vocal percussion. Oh, sweet Jesus.

But don't fret, lovers of actual music-- as we reported in April, a whole bevy of instrument spankers are on board: guitarist Mark Ribot will be collaborating for the first time since 1985's Rain Dogs; Larry Taylor, a veteran of several Waits recordings, will be on bass and guitar, Brain Manita (Primus, Buckethead, the most recent Guns 'N' Roses tour) will man the drums, Waits' son Casey X will handle percussion and turntables, Primus founder Les Claypool will slap the electric bass, and Harry Cody's got the guitar and banjo.

Of the album's sound, Anti's website stated that "Real Gone is a place, a time beyond reach: a lost mind, a renegade leader, war love sublime, love lost, death, desire, escape. These are the themes of the record inspired by the giddy lust, high voltage, out of orbit times-- a vertigo of splash and trash popular culture spinning alongside the gun to our head and the knife in our heart political times, or as 'Shake It' says, 'I feel like a preacher waving a gun around.'" We had to check to be sure they weren't referring to Timecop.

Speaking to NME, Waits said "Real Gone is an electric pill box... a homogeneous concoction of mood elevators, mind liberators and downers, an alchemical universe of rattling chains, oscillating rhythms and nine-pound hammers." That had to be rehearsed. With tracks like "Circus" and "Trampled Rose" all recorded in an old Mississippi school house with longtime collaborator and wife Kathleen Brennan, it sounds like fans can expect a true Waits album. Please God, let him sing of a one-eyed dwarf. Tracklist:

01 Top of the Hill

02 Hoist That Rag

03 Sins of My Father

04 Shake It

05 Don't Go Into That Barn

06 How's It Gonna End

07 Metropolitan Glide

08 Dead and Lovely

09 Circus

10 Trampled Rose

11 Green Grass

12 Baby Gonna Leave Me

13 Clang Boom Steam

14 Make It Rain

15 Day After Tomorrow



PS, I think ANTI just became my favourite label !

http://www.anti.com/artist.php?id=86741 (elliot smith LP)

http://www.anti.com/artist.php?id=86729 (nick cave LP's)

AND...tom waits is going to play berlin in november...cheap flights with easy jet again ?...

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